With the development of new technology it has never been easier to book and secure your perfect holiday! With millions of amazing deals presented online, the convenience of accessing them at home or on the go has never been so readily available. Booking a trip can even be organised the same day you wish to travel.  Once you have found the ideal flight or holiday package, the process of purchasing the deal is no more than just a few clicks away.

Is Visiting a Travel Agent a Thing of the Past?

The somewhat old-fashioned procedure of visiting a travel agent is becoming increasingly unpopular. Despite their knowledge of travel and first-hand experiences, they are arguably no competition for the information that can be gathered from the internet. Despite some travellers preferring the guidance, security and advice from an agent, the positives of visiting your local travel agent rarely seem to outweigh the benefits of armchair surfing.

The Benefits of Booking Online

Being able to organise your ideal holiday in the comfort of your own home means you are not pressured into any decisions or restricted to any certain time limit. Reviews on hotels, booking procedures and flights can also be found online in replacement for the travel agents advice which means you get a much varied range of opinions. Take Trip Advisor for instance, this phenomenal site allows you to search pretty much any hotel, restaurant or bar and see genuine reviews from people who’ve actually stayed there.

When planning your trip, make sure you utilise recognised sites which you are familiar with or those which you know someone has used before and received a good service from. A simple online search will provide you with the most popular websites; a good indication that they’re a trusted and regularly used company.

Compare sites are a great money saving opportunity and are becoming increasingly popular. Their ability to search thousands of flights, and holidays in a matter of seconds ensures you receive a huge amount of options to choose from and the best value for money. Being able to refine a search to match your specific requirements is also an extremely useful yet simple way of securing the perfect trip. Depending on your budget, the dates you wish to travel, where you are flying from, the amount of travellers and much more, these sites will list their findings in order of preference to suit your every need.

Applications can be downloaded onto your iPhone or iPad which allow you to access travel sites on the move and easily send any details over to friends or fellow travellers. You can also benefit from updates being sent to your phone, letting you know of any offers or updates there may be at the time. Back in the day, you relied on newspaper advertisements and the travel agent’s window for discounts, but email subscriptions and travel company apps make it so much easier to uncover bargains.

These applications have been designed for all ages and therefore the features are easily used and straightforward. When using travel sites however, make sure you read the fine print carefully in order to know exactly what you are purchasing, what restrictions there may be and what isn’t included. These are things that used to be explained by the travel agent, but now it’s up to us customers to figure out for ourselves what’s included in our holiday.

Last Minute Bookings

Because of the speed of the internet, it has made it possible for travellers to save heaps of cash by booking online at the very last minute. Smartphones have even made it possible to book a last minute hotel when you actually arrive at your destination and save you a bundle! Whilst this used to be quite risky business, more and more people are booking essentials like hotels and flights at the last minute as well as forgotten extras such as holiday parking.

Looking back though, wasn’t it far more exciting sitting in your local travel agent and taking home brochures to look through as a family? Nowadays, booking a holiday no longer seems to have that personal feel, some people even book their holidays whilst at work! As a nation we love the “click of a button” convenience the internet has provided us with, but when you glance back over the past decades you have to admit that it has sucked out just a tiny bit of excitement out of the holiday booking process.

This guest post was written by Stephanie Staszko who writes for airport parking giants SkyParkSecure, who allow you to book airport parking from all the major UK airports at the click of a button.

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    The thing I most like about booking online is the more often than not better prices you pay! Secondly, the fact that you can get all your travel advice online from people who have really been there and have nothing to sell to you is much more appealing to me than being fobbed off by some agent who wants her commission!